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7/24/2019 7:07:07 PM

Sparrow Racing League can help Guardians relax. Can we bring it back?

Just a post about the Sparrow Racing League absence since the Red War and wondering if anyone else was as fond of it as I was? Also from my memory (It can be pretty bad at times) I don't recall it returning since the red war in any fashion. I know Calus and his goons messed a lot or stuff up and people have been reconstructing all over the place so a racing curcuit is going to take the least priority is a state of crisis. But There are likely a bunch of more recently rezzed guardians who may of never experienced a race? We all see great darkness on the horizon heading our way and know there is much fighting to be done, but sometimes us guardians want to flex our driving skill and test our selves against each other in a guns down and sparrows out fashion. I've looked all though the rubble of the vaults looking for my Racing Sparrows and Racing Armour and cannot find it anywhere... I'll keep looking.. But if Amanda Holliday is let loose on some discarded Sparrows maybe we can have our racing back? Also I spotted the Racing emotes at the end of the Solstice of Heroes video... I see you... Please if you like Sparrow Racing League or are interested and never got to experience it.. please upvote to let the powers that be hear our plea..

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