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Faction ideas

D1 factions or D2 factions? why not both. I think that if you make factions just the way they were in the previous "Destiny" and then have monthly faction rallies with unique events incorporated into them, such as SRL and a horde mode, a lot of players would enjoy factions that way. if you decide to do this, you could make factions (not rallies) sell just BASIC legendary weapons and armor without any unique mod or perks, but when rallies come around you could upgrade the weapons and armor you get from your factions. (Armor also gets an upgrade in designs) Another idea is to make it so that factions only take glimmer (when selling weapons and armor) and then make faction coins the upgrade material . if you were to change to that type of trade system it would make glimmer so much more valuable, but you would have to make the faction coins an item that would be slightly harder to find than normal materials. other ideas- -you could bring back exotic class item and also class items that are not part of sets to make our characters have more individuality(over time), I personally miss those features. -you could make faction specific weapon exotics that are more gimmicky than actually good, just to put in more flavor to the faction progression. -faction specific pinacol weapons( I think I spelled that wrong) I had this idea that different factions specifically hunt down different races and get mods that do extra damage to those races, such as (FWC=time travel=vex) or (Dead Orb.=the dead of space=hive) or (NM=avengers of the city=cabal) and then add new factions to fill in the other races, BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS MORE FACTIONS to pledge to.

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