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7/23/2019 5:10:24 AM

Buff to other hand cannons or nerf to last word?

Just coming out a crucible game where we just got demolished by a team of last words. I’m not saying make the last word unusable but maybe fix the aim assist to a point where aiming actually has to be applied. Or buff other hand cannons to a point where they can compete. I’m still kind of riled up but that’s that conclusion I have come to. Ik other hand cannons can beat it at range but to those who just rush, I don’t want to be a shotgun user. But if I need to I guess i will. I know most of the comments are gonna say stuff like “git gud” or “doesn’t need to be nerfed because you’re bad lol XD” but on a mature note, I think there needs to be a tweak to more weapons. Like scouts and autos. Range on fusions need to be fixed. Blah blah blah. Still if we are gonna he stuck on this hand cannon Dominion then we need to see a few tweaks. Final note. Make more adjustments to more weapons so we have a better variety of load outs. I can’t enter a game without seeing a last word, erentil, beloved, rose, one eyed mask, LMG, or that one desperate shotgun runner. I miss D1 loadout to where you were allowed to experiment your loadout without feeling like a detriment to the team. Thanks for tuning in.

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