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7/22/2019 11:05:27 PM

Faction rallies design ideas

Id like to see FR beeing more permanent like they were in D1. But, on the other hand, some aspects of D2 version were nice too. My suggestion is like this: 1) FR should be a seasonal clan-like event with worldwide and personal progression. Once season starts, player can contribute to one Faction account wise. After that, everything he does that gives exp will give exp to his Faction as well. This exp thing is worldwide - all players should contribute to their faction in order to unlock rewards/reward quests. The rewards for the seasonal FR can be: Armor set, 1 piece/tier with exotic class item for every character in account (possibly, some grindy quest for this?) and seasonal pinacle weapon. Remember when NM was the lead cuz fashion? Now people will have to chose between the armor they like and pinacle they want. 2) Week will still remain. They can be the same way they were before. The point of it is simple: The winner side will get EXP progression and unclock new weapon(s) and stuff.

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