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7/21/2019 10:41:21 PM

Restricted from crucible because I think people think I lag switch

About a week and a few days ago I got a warning saying I had an unstable internet connection I was playing competitive at the time so I assumed it was revenge reporting because I don't use cheats or anything of the sorts so I went on internet troubleshooting and I went out to buy a LAN cable because wired is better than wireless and kept playing the crucible and gambit to get the pinnacle weapons but today I got a 2 week restriction on PVP activities and I don't lag to often if you're wondering what my internet connection speed is it is 7-8 MBS download and 1-2 MBS upload the reason its so low is because of the city I live in Nablus Palestine the highest internet connection I get is the aforementioned speeds so I was wondering if I can get my restriction lifted because I've done nothing wrong all I want is to get the mountaintop and swarm of the raven from next weeks iron banner lol also if you can change my servers so its somewhere near where I live and or the best connection so I don't have an unfair advantage

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