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Bearbeitet von Dreg Slayer: 7/21/2019 10:08:33 PM

We Need A Third Class Ability (Here are some ideas)

Self Barricade (Titan)


One-Way Barricade (Titan)


Escapist's Dodge (Hunter)


Thief's Dodge (Hunter)


Warp Rift (Warlock)


Charging Rift (Warlock)


It's always bothered me that there were only two variants of the class ability for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. So, I thought it would be good to post a quick idea and get a conversation started. Below, I have a few examples of Class abilities that could be added to the missing third slot. Vote for your favorite idea. _____ In the current game, the Warlock's Rift is my favorite out of the class abilities, both Healing Rift and Empowering Rift are viable options. The Hunter's Dodge is well off by itself, but the melee regeneration and weapon reload perks don't do enough for me. The Titan's Barricade is the one class ability I never use except when I'm running Sweet Business or getting shot by Hobgoblins. So, here are a few third class ability ideas would make each class stand out a bit more. For the Titan: [quote][b]Self Barricade -[/b] Instead of deploying a barricade, the Titan becomes a barricade. Granting increased damage resistance but greatly reducing movement speed. Using this ability would taunt nearby enemies, directing their fire to the Titan. Enemy Guardians would see the Titan marked on their screen. Finally, the Titan can be a tank. [i](or)[/i] [b]One-Way Barricade -[/b] Similar to Towering Barricade, but 1/3 the width along with fewer hitpoints. However, the Titan may shoot projectiles through is barricade, at a slightly reduced impact. This would make a great alternative to provide personal cover while allowing some interesting gun-play.[/quote] For the Hunter: [quote][b]Escapist's Dodge -[/b] Dodging activates with a faster animation but travels less distance. Dodging will also remove active movement impairing or suppression effects. Yes, you can now escape from Tethers, so long as you dodge out of it's radius. [i](or)[/i] [b]Thief's Dodge -[/b] This Dodge allows the Hunter to pass through enemies, depleting their active weapon magazine, forcing them to reload or swap weapons. Doing so will grant the Hunter with Special Ammunition, but also can be used to steal Heavy Ammo in the Crucible.[/quote] For the Warlock: [quote][b]Warp Rift -[/b] This Rift acts as a warp-point, allowing the Warlock to recall to the Rift by activating the Class Ability a second time while it remains active. That's all it does, no healing, no empowering, just a quick relocation method. An alternative idea could be you set down two (half) Rifts which acts as warp-gates, allowing you to travel instantly from Rift to Rift. [i](or)[/i] [b]Charging Rift -[/b] Allies who stand in the Rift have enhanced recharge rates for their Melee, Grenade, and Super Abilities. The Warlock would also benefit from faster cooldowns while in the Rift, much like a Titan's Sun Spot. The Rift however, has a shorter life span, so allies will need to gather up quickly to benefit. This ability would come in handy during Raids just before a boss encounter as you can place down a rift and get your team charged up. [/quote] The third class ability wouldn't have to be exactly like the ideas I presented, this is more of a "What if" concept than anything. I would really like to see some sort of third class ability added to each skill tree, as it would add more variety to builds. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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