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I have had problems with the game since 3 weeks of the month .... I play on a laptop and the game hangs and I understand the reason (the iron is weak), but from the number 15 I just can't play. I start the game and wait a little long since I choose a character on the laptop and then it starts, horror hangs ... I could still get to the planet and the FPS was 60 +/- but as soon as I hit W, all FPS drops to 12 and sometimes to 1 and then all the game hung and I can not do anything. But now I enter the game even more so I choose a planet. I’m starting to download. I’m glad "I don’t hang up anymore" but FIG! The game freezes and shows 60 fps ... As it was, the game played normally, everything was okay, but now I can't ... I love this game, but I can't play !! ((((Maybe you can help me (

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