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Bearbeitet von yendisDAconkerer: 7/20/2019 3:03:51 PM

Bungie needs to make curcial info more readily available.

At this point, it's beyond ridiculous that there's such a limited ability to get the ship from Shattered Throne, and therefore Cursebreaker, which many players still incorrectly think is only RNG based. I know some dedicated players that resent those who have been successful and others who are even willing to quit, as the dreaming city seal was the most important accomplishment for them. But, despite dedication, and perseverance, they will unlikely be able to get the seal by the end of season. And note, THIS IS NOT RNG, this a limited drop window exclusive to a first weekly run on an already abysmal drop rate. This your chance to be different Bungie, stop repeating past mistakes by making unnecessarily difficult standards, while also never informing your public of how to accomplish them.

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