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Bearbeitet von MOUNT_OLIMPUS101: 7/19/2019 3:43:09 PM

Wisper rework?

Hello gardians, I have been thinking a lot about the patch notes for sleeper, wisper, and ace. Now, after reading the entire patch note, I realize the it makes sense for the most part, except for the wisper nerf. It just... Irks me for some reason. So, I have been thinking like I said. And I thought "instead of turning whisper into black spindle, how about we make it unique to Destiny 2?" So I propose a rework. Keep it how it is now, but instead of running out of reserves and not doing anything, make it keep giving you 1 bullet in your mag until you miss a precision shot. Then, your outta luck until you find more heavy ammo. Also, make mulligan nullified until you have reserves. Compare this to the insintric perk of Polaris Lance, except only giving you ammo for a precision shot after you run out of reserves. Summary. Keep the whisper how it is now, but when you hit all 3 precision shots and run out of reserve ammo, keep giving one shot in the mag for every precision shot hit, until you miss. I would very much like the community's feedback on my idea good or bad. But this is really meant for bungie themselves to see so help me get them to see.

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