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Bearbeitet von Oldmoneyrulz: 7/18/2019 9:37:16 PM

No rewards from some Reckoning tier 3 completions or weekly challenge

I have completed around 6 or 7 tier 3 Reckoning matches since moments of triumph released and I have noticed that in 2 or 3 of those completions I recieved [b]no armor reward[/b] from a powerful mote wager, only 850 glimmer, and [i]the mote is not refunded[/i]. I have also [b]not gotten a reward from completing the weekly daily heroic missions challenge[/b]. Not sure if it is something on my end, something that is a part of the game, or a bug. I have thought that it may be that a specific on-character armor or weapon slot inventory is full, but nothing is sent to the Postmaster
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