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The Menagerie is Fine, and Here's Why (Feel Free to Change My Mind!)

Hey everyone, Time for another post! I'm taking a controversial stance here, but feel that this needs to be said. I actually wrote this as a reply to another forum post, and wanted to make it more widely viewable. The original poster was arguing that Bungie took all of the fun out of Menagerie, and killed the mode. A lot of recent posts have conveyed this, saying its no longer "fun" to play Menagerie, and it ruins the experience for casuals while only catering to hardcores. This was my reply: I understand your frustration, I really do. I want to pose a question to you though, because I think it'll help you understand the issue here. Lets take two players: a casual, 10 hour a week guy, and pair him with a "hardcore" that we'll say plays 40 hours a week. What your asking is for Bungie to make things more attainable for the 10 hour guy, and again, I understand why you say that. However, if Bungie builds everything so its attainable easily for the 10 hour a week guy, what is the 40 hour player going to do with their time? There will be nothing left to chase, no goals to work towards, and this will lead to a decrease in playing. You're saying Menagerie isn't worth doing because your chances of a god-roll are low, right? There's one question that nobody arguing from your side has been able to answer: will Menagerie be worth it [i]after[/i] you get that gear? From all of these posts, it seems that people didn't care about the activity itself, but the massive piles of loot they could earn. If the player gets their god-rolls in 10 hours of play, then what would keep them playing? You've already said that with no worthwhile rewards, the mode isn't worth doing, which causes your argument to collapse on itself. If you get all of those rewards right away, then there [i]still won't be any worthwhile rewards[/i], so using your logic, the mode isn't worth doing. That's the root issue with the arguments against this patch--the "fun" being described isn't based on the actual activity, but on the piles of "stuff" people can get from it. Nothing will change that makes it more playable after you get good rolls, and in the long run casuals won't play any [i]more[/i] because of it, so they will cater to the hardcore players that are more willing to spend time and money on their game. This is my take, and its an opinion! However, I believe the logic is sound--I've said similar things on multiple posts, but to this point there hasn't been a player who can answer either of the questions I posed. I am [b]not[/b] saying this with the intent of insulting anyone, and do not want any player to feel attacked. What I [b]do[/b] want is for everyone to enjoy the game for what it has to offer! Anyone who has followed my posts over the months knows that I have not had an easy time with RNG, but learned that loot is only part of the game, and there are so many ways to have fun outside of getting a good drop. I feel like the community would be much happier if we focused on what we do have instead of what we don't. [b][u]***EDIT***[/u][/b] As expected, this post was downvoted to 0, but I think that's cuz a lot of players are missing my point. I get it, everyone is fired up, and wants piles of loot (I wouldn't say no to tons of loot either, mind you). This post is about The Menagerie [i]as an activity[/i], not its loot. I'm basically saying that everyone is throwing away a great activity because they don't get heaps of gear each time they run it, which is a sad mindset to have (especially after the initial reception of Menagerie by the community which was AWESOME). I wanted to add this as well: In my original post, I asked two questions that hadn't been answered (and still haven't been). I'm placing them here, along with a couple more...if you want to change my mind, then answering these in a way that both supports your case [i]and[/i] is logically consistent with your argument is the key :D 1.) If Bungie builds everything so its attainable easily for the 10-hour-a-week-guy (casual player), what is the 40-hour player (hardcore) going to do with their time? *2.) Will Menagerie be worth it [i]after[/i] you get the gear that you want? If players won't play the activity as it stand because it "doesn't offer worthwhile rewards", and the player gets their god-rolls in 10 hours of play, then what would keep them playing The Menagerie, given that there are no more worthwhile rewards to earn? *This is the big question that needs answering. 3.) Menagerie is the focal point of the Season of Opulence--its the big new game mode that was given to us as the main activity of the season, similar to Forges in Black Armory, or Reckoning/Gambit Prime in Joker's Wild. Why is it a problem if casual players need to spend 6-8 weeks or so grinding Menagerie to get the rolls they want, given that the content is supposed to last a season? Why do players need all their god-rolls right away? 4.) What is wrong with Bungie patching the exploit, after giving us a fair warning and 5 weeks to farm it?

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