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7/15/2019 8:32:52 AM

FPS issues

So I have an 8 gig VRAM GPU and my in game settings register as only using 1082 MB (aprox 1.07 Gb) of VRAM. The usage meter that shows how much of your VRAM is being used by the game is filled up just the tiniest amount, yet I only get 68 FPS on average? I'm running a 2070 GPU so can anyone explain to me whats going on? I can run CS:GO in 200+ FPS, Warframe in 200+ FPS AT MAX SETTINGS too, Overwatch gets 200+, but Destiny 2 Just refuses to go above 70, if it even goes above 64 at all, usually when i check my FPS count im in the 50s or at 68. I got a 144hz monitor hoping Destiny would run better.

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