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7/14/2019 8:41:19 AM

Looking for UK based Players [21+] [PS4]

Lords of the Fallen Light [PS4 Clan]- looking for UK based players to join us [Must be active and have Forsaken] We are comprised mostly of UK players with a few US and Canadian based players also. We’re a small community, but one that will always help others when and where needed! We predominantly play to BST time, with most of our activity being during the evenings in the weeks and most of the week ends too. We have some great people in this clan that enjoy everything from PvP to Raids to casually just shooting anything that moves! We’re a fun and friendly bunch and are looking for similar people to join our clan and help us progress to get ready for the future challenges of Shadowkeep! Minimum Requirements: Must be Active, 21+ and be friendly Must have Forsaken dlc Must be ready to play end game activities and PvP Willing to use Discord Mic chat preferred but not essential(Unless raiding) Please either apply directly to the clan or message myself Rogues_Requiem

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