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Bearbeitet von PHARAH: 7/14/2019 3:32:44 AM

Just got a competitive suspension for completing games

Man, this game is in such a bad state right now for PvP players. and as someone who almost always plays PvP I am just upset at the lack of support and content we have been getting. Before the game even starts there is a chance for you to not spawn in so you have to go to your pursuits tab to even be able to play. once you are done with that there are a bunch of invis people shooting at you, and all of a sudden your guns are invis so you can't see your scope. and after all that hell there is a chance you will take a loss and get suspended for playing the game. I really hope bungie fixes this before shadow keep. Oh, and I forgot. Lord of Wolves is till prowling around weeks after they said it will be nerfed shortly.
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