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Bearbeitet von EnderNC: 7/14/2019 2:56:06 AM

DLC bundle issues

Dear Bungie, I bought the Taken King Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade I few years ago on the Xbox store. I uninstalled The Taken King Collector’s Edition Digital Content part of it to see if it would fix the error of not being able to use the stormcaller’s bond for the warlock because it was not active due to the fact that it said requires Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition. I have talked to multiple agents at Xbox support and the last one recommended that I contact you guys. The only way to get the content is through the bundle and the Xbox now thinks that I don’t have the bundle. The weapons pack is still there because I didn’t uninstall that. Is there any chance I could get a code to the bundle or because I already purchased it in the past? Or get the code at a discount because my Dad is a Microsoft Alumni? I asked the Xbox agent about this and he said that they don’t have the ability to give out the codes. Please consider this because I have supported this game series from the beginning and I look forward to seeing what Shadowkeep has to offer. Sincerely, EnderNC

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