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Bearbeitet von Taken Lord Shaxx: 7/11/2019 9:47:00 PM

180/precision frame HC bloom bug?

I have been using lunas howl and not forgotten for a long time now. I have loads of kills on them. Never once have I missed a shot that should have been a hit. Until recently that is. The past week or so I have been occasionally missing shots that are right on the enemy's head. Once, I even missed a body shot while aiming dead at a body. No they weren't out of range, because I use not forgotten more often and I know their limitations. This is bloom in action. Prior to the update, as we all know, precision frames were prized by console users for the simple fact that they have no bloom and minimal recoil. I'm not saying they arent any more. Im not trying to cry or complain, but I want awareness on the issue so that it can be fixed. The bloom isnt as often as non precision/non 180s but it is often enough to be noticeably different than how they should operate. Please let me know if any of you experience this. Please be civil as well.

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