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Destiny 2

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7/10/2019 6:01:22 AM

Now hiring friends! No experience needed!

So to sum up what I mean in the title, I’m basically looking for a nice, easy going, fun loving group of friends to regularly game with on Destiny 2. As well as possibly finding a new clan because of the dynamic that I’m currently not comfortable with in my current clan. I’m also open to gaming on other games, for example the other game I’ve been playing regularly besides D2 is GTAV and wouldn’t mind having people that would like to goof around occasionally as well as get things done on either game or other games - in the case where the friendship goes well ;) My sense of humor might be a liiittle weird, but I promise it’ll be quick to warm up to and easy to join on. Message me on PSN or here on the app with any questions if you’re interested!

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