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[PC] DISCORD takachiho-gawara: an avid PVP/PVE clan willing to teach newcomers AND run with other avid players up the ranks of competitive play.

Hello everyone, [i]In Japanese folklore, takachiho-gawara is a place where Gods descend from the heavens. [/i] takachiho-gawara is a Destiny 2 clan that wants to take what they've learned in the PVP scene and share it among newcomers, as well as learn from what others desire to relay to us. We have climbed up the ranks of Legend but feel as though there is much more to learn. We occasionally play PvE and are looking for individuals more interested in that facet of the game as well. [u][b]Who are we looking for?[/b][/u] If you are someone looking for a clan that is informative, tight-knit, and not too strict with mandatory events: welcome. If you are interested in PvP or are interested in meeting more PvP players: welcome. We are a budding clan interested in diffusing all sorts of knowledge.

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