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7/7/2019 8:24:03 AM

Had a pretty fun time at GuardianCon

Con was fun, was hoping to see some ppl from the clan or fireteam chat, but event was so packed, couldn’t even get to play destiny at any of the booths, or find anyone I knew lol. I got there at 10am first day and still wasn’t able to get into the booths. But one of the premium pass ppl let me tag along with them so I could have some decent seats to watch the panels an what not so that was pretty dope. Also ot some pretty awesome ass artwork an got Meylin to sign my Cabal Book from the D2 collectors edition. GammaTrap also made this really awesome looking poster and this other girl, forget her name rn, but she made this “dead stag” poster and it looks so -blam!-ing cool. I’d love to see something like that be an enemey or main character of the darkness. Something really scarry looking. But eveyone there was really awesome except the damn red shirts. The line people were the biggest dicks I’ve encountered. There was a ton of ppl already waiting in line to see byf and the bigshow, along with Mora who I really wanted to sign my stag print and talk to, she seems to damn awesome. But they cut off ppl who were already waiting like an hr an told em it was already full. Like a pretty dick move. They moved me three times, I got to the booth early before the bungie event stopped so I could beat most of the line, told me I cut it even though people were lining up behind me, the two people behind me were saying how they got behind me, but the dude wasn’t having it and moved me to the back, then did it again. I was -blam!-in livid. I used to watch wrestling all the time an the big show was a fav of mine. Mostly wanted to see Morla, but because of their dickishness that didnt happen. But overall had a decent time there, glad I went. Was also cool seeing all the different costumes ppl made. I’ve never been into something that much, ever, an really wish I was because to me that type of passion and stuff for anything is rad to see. Also all of the crafts ppl made, insane. Not sure if any of you checked out the D&D table, but they made some really amazing stuff. I almost dropped 175 on that witch journal. never seen a book so amazing in my life other than in a movie. The leather bags and what not were amazing quality as well. There was also a Destiny 2 table top game this team was making and they made some really some charafter prints from in their game and that was really cool to see. I’ve never really been into table top games, but I think it would deff be something I’d give a shot at. There was also a shit ton of arwork by people and all of it was really awesome. The whole event was great, didn’t get to speak to Deej or anything, so that sucked, but is what it is. Hopefully other people were able to tell em how they feel about destiny an its future an what it means to us. Think We’ve a pretty great community all around. Anyways, thats my general thoughts on the event. Had a pretty great time minus a few red shirt encounters, but eh. What did you guys think?

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