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7/6/2019 6:09:43 PM

GuardianCon 2019

Truly hope a dev, or someone gets the time to read this. Bungie, you carried yourself amazingly and have proven you truly are trying to create the game we want, and I’m incredibly thankful for that. Day 2 at GuardianCon has unfortunately turned into a mess, and it wasn't your fault. Been attempting since 10am to test my luck in the crucible and wager my gambit coin for that beautiful pin. I was redirected 4x telling me not to stay and blocking an exit (which I respected every time I was asked to move) and to come back in 30-45. Of course, I complied. I can’t speak for the rest who stayed silent and didnt move. But even though I complied, I never got my chance and they closed the line. Most of the faces that didnt move and stayed blocking and causing a fire hazard got a chance, and was able to get their emblem, and gambit coin. Understandably so, the line had to close. Fire hazards are not to be taken lightly, but im pleading with you to give me a chance to obtain that emblem. I will happily provide proof of purchase of my Guardiancon ticket if need be. Hopefully this doesn't fall of deaf ears. Be safe, and have a great weekend. -Jose

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