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6/30/2019 8:26:44 AM

If you could buff any one thing on your favorite super, what would it be?

Try to keep it interesting and not like 500 second durations. What I'd want is a buff to explosive pyre. By far the most entertaining thing about sunbreaker (besides ya know...chucking flaming eagle hammers that explode) and honestly I loved it back when sunbreaker released in d1. Sunbreaker was so damn powerful back then, and my god was explosive pyre a big part of it in pve. You throw 1 flaming eagle hammer that explodes, a group of enemies die, they fly around, blow up again, and kill something else, boom explosion. It would just annihilate who groups of enemies with ease and it felt glorious. I feel bad for the people I used it on in crucible...but after not having a mobile super at felt pretty damn good to get some payback. I wish that explosive pyre could just go back to being that crazy, or at least kind of close, because right now it sometimes doesn't even work and I hate it. Give me my chain death back, at least a little ;-;

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