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7/1/2019 4:35:35 AM

Horrible connection lag between one friend (PC)

First of all, whenever he or I join each other's fireteam, it says no voice due to NAT issues on each other's banners. Tried port forwarding and all other methods mentioned online that normally would fix NAT issues to no avail. We appear to lag hard every 10 seconds or so on each other's screen even though we don't lag ourselves (for ex. he would tell me on discord that he died, but on my screen, he would be walking straight towards a wall...etc). Now, I would understand if we appear to lag on other friend's screen and vice versa but I never see other friend lagging on my screen, nor do they see my character lagging on their screen, except that one friend. If anyone knows any possible solution, do let me know. This is getting real annoying as we just started doing raids and what not.

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