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6/28/2019 7:40:27 PM

Give top tree striker headstrong.

Headstrong is a perk on striker from d1 that let the user leap further with fist of havoc by sprinting (I'm not exactly sure if it made a difference on the ground, but it made a noticeable difference in the air). My reason why is that top tree striker is easily the worst super in the game for gap closing. Light attack can only be used 7 times, the heavy attack doesn't leap very far (and with its perk terminal velocity, you pretty much always want to leap slam) and with how linear it is, it can really struggle in activities like crucible where you just needed that little extra range to kill your target. A way they could work it in (because I know somebody is going to say it would be op) is that it requires a set distance of sprinting before it's activated. Think shoulder charge, but it's used to extend the heavy attack leap distance. With a change like this, the focus on using the fist of havoc for kills becomes more desirable as it would be it's more reliable source of gap closing. The reason I suggest this now, is that bungie plans to reduce super damage resistance on ALL mobile supers, and top tree striker won't survive in its current state like that (unless the decrease is only like 2%...)

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