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6/24/2019 8:16:56 PM

Possible solar week? Idea time.

*insert satirical comment here* Lets begin. Code of the fire forged. Tempered metal increases super recharge rate by 10% per stack (up to 30%). When throwing hammers, embers collect more quickly after a set distance (not reducing the distance to collect the first set of embers, but more quickly afterwards. Increase super duration by 2 seconds (duration does NOT increase the maximum number of attacks possible, did tests with dawnblade a while back). Code of the devastator: Getting hammer kills restores 20% grenade energy upon picking up the hammer. Getting kills with grenades restores 20% melee energy per kill. Increase roaring flames stacks to x5 for a total of 50% bonus damage. I forget the names of the dawnblade skill trees so forgive me. Top tree dawnblade: Reduce in air accuracy penalty on console while aiming down sights. Icarus dashing near an enemy reduces class ability cool down by 15%. Getting a kill in the air removes the cool down (if active) of icarus dash (dodge mid air, cool down, get a kill in the air, remove the cool down to allow for an instant second dash). Bottom tree dawnblade: Using Phoenix dive on enemies mid super applies a damage debuff on all enemies affected by the move, making them take an additional 20% damage from all sources for 5 seconds, increase Phoenix dive damage by 25% in pve. Using Phoenix dive out of super (in super as well, but eh) restores restores all ability energy depending on how high you use it (10% cool down on all abilities on normal jump, 15% off of max height glide, up to 100% off of a higher place). Throwing grenades while in super debuffs the enemy to make them take an additional 20% damage from all sources for 5 seconds. I know the names for Goldie, but I forget which is which. Way of the outlaw (google): Getting kills with golden gun causes them to explode, enemies that die to the explosion extend super duration by 2 seconds (idk how the numbers work for this). Getting precision kills has a 50% chance to return the round to reserves (all outlaws are gamblers). (I'm going to skip marksman for now due to time, so I'll probably add it later). Way of 1000 cut wrists (sorry, had to): Increase explosion damage of super in pve by 20% (nova bombs been buffed, marksmans damage was buffed heavily, I think it's ok to undo the most of the damage nerf).

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