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6/24/2019 8:31:12 PM

Kinda Crucible

Why PvP weapons like the Luna's Howl, Not Forgoten, Recluse and MountainTop are good in PvE with the two latter being very good but PvE weapons like The Oxygen SR3, Loaded Question, Hush, Breakneck aren't all that good if at all in PvP. To make it worse they are all behind the Competitive Wall, I'll be honest I'm a below average at Crucible with a 1.3 K/D and at most in Competitive i got to Brave 2 or 3. So i have a question why wont Bungie make a Vanguard/Gambit Pinnacle weapon thats also very good in PvP. Why all the good weapons need to be tied to Competitive? Maybe I'm just to bad in the Crucible to be able to counter them but still all I want is a Hand Cannon or Pulse Rifle pinaccle that can two shot/burst in pvp based on the numbers of kills you got sth like Rampage but on steroids that is got threw a quest for Gambit/Strikes. I got the Wendigo in a day so the grind could take a little to make it feel rewarding.

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