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6/24/2019 5:44:29 PM

Destiny 1 player base Xbox 1

Hi everyone, I've recently been playing D2 on my PS4 thanks to a few friends and loved the game so much that I purchased the Forsaken expansion and will surely get the shadowkeep expansion too. But there's so much I don't understand from the lore to some of the mechanics and why they work the way they do. When playing with friends, a lot of them keep talking about D1 and how they played the heck out of it back then. It makes me feel like o really missed out on something great even though it was a rocky road to get there. I don't have any space on my PS4 and found that the complete edition is going for a pretty cheap price on XBOX One. So I was wondering if it's worth getting into now. Is there a solid player base to matchmake and possibly meet with to eventually play the raids? I so feel a bit compelled to play this but I'm not sure if it's worth it now. Can someone please inform me here?

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