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Menagerie is just Awesome ^_^

I cannot stop gushing over menagerie. It is a brilliant example of how to make a 6 player activity fun for solo players which has been the single greatest challenge destiny has faced since inception. To be able to play an activity with a complete bunch of randoms and still have so much fun is just awesome. The activity achieves this in many brilliant ways: 1. Does not punish you for playing with un-coordinated teams. 2. Has raid-like encounters with easy to understand mechanics. 3. Helps you get the exact weapon/armor you want. (Chalice is just brilliant) 4. Filled with secrets. Thank you Bungie & Vicarious Visions, y'all have crafted something truly special. I hope Menagerie becomes the new benchmark, the gold standard for 6-player match made activities going forward :) Edit 1: For those asking for rune combinations, a fellow guardian’s work to help with that. This lets you emulate the chalice so you can choose a specific weapon/armor to know the exact rune combination you need to get it. Quickest way to get imperials is to unlock power and efficiency 2. With this perk active there is a chance for imperials to drop from any playlist activity. There are a number Of menagerie weapons from austringer, beloved to fixed odds each of them with the right rolls can be a beast. A heads up to everyone trying to get to base light this season, the opening quest for menagerie is about half an hour long and gives you a complete set of 690 gear and weapons so it makes it a lot easier to get back into the game. Edit 2: WoW, thank you for the upvotes y’all. Didn’t expect such a positive response. This community is awesome. Am glad so many people like the menagerie 😁 please give us more content like this Bungie 😊

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