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Enhancement Core Discussion! Gather up!

Make Enhancement Cores FARMABLE.


Bungie made the right Decision.(leave it alone)


Revert to Masterwork Cores and make em Farmable




TLDR: Bounties are lack luster along with the other options to obtain cores. would you not rather them be added to loot pools of activities you would enjoy? we can all agree cores are easy to obtain. my method uses more of the game giving the player more freedom and of course, you could grind to your hearts content all the while respecting your time. [b]~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/b] the Community has a Big issue with Enhancement Cores(Not Masterwork Cores). I decided to break down a few "walls" Gaming companies use to either Expand the grind or "milk" you of money so you understand what exactly is going on here. 1) The first[b][u] Pay Wall[/u][/b] we are all aware of. they are called DLC or Subscription based Games. you must pay for the content or be locked out. We don't necessarily have an issue with this Type of Paywall. 2) The [u][b]Patience Wall[/b][/u] is when we are locked out of content for a certain amount of time. there was a quest I believe in D1 where you had to wait until Arms-day(Twice) to progress further in the First Curse Quest to obtain the sister of the Last Word. Idk about you but I didn't favor that model at all. it is also expressed in our new Annual Pass witch is a bit less "punishing" I would say. still most players would rather have a traditional DLC Expansion. 3) The [u][b]Pressure Wall[/b][/u] is used constantly in Destiny. they are most prevalent in Everse. For example I never got the ornament for The Thorn even though it looked liked a beauty. This pressures the player into spending money for an illusion of a limited time offer. in reality they do not need to be limited because it is just a code....the code for that ornament is just deactivated. This is also done with engrams. if you want good rolls for the everse armor you are "Pressured" into spending money. This is also evident when they increased the Exp. Required to level for engrams. First it was snuck in so nobody noticed and then they "Fix" it by doubling the exp. needed to further incentivize paying for engrams. [b]Can you guess witch method is being used when it comes to Enhancement Cores?[/b] you Guessed it! [u]The Patience Wall.[/u] The main way to obtain Enhancement cores is to do [u]Weekly/Daily [/u]Spider[u] Bounties[/u](what a chore, am I right?) and next season we will also have Gunsmith Bounties that provide Enhancement cores. The Patience wall is used to limit how fast we can infuse our gear and try out Certain Builds. This Method goes against what makes a looter shooter fun and is driving away players. in any other game(warframe as an example), they are not limiting how many Times you can FARM for a Resource. This is Respecting the players time. Especially those who do not play as often as the Hardcore players. If you are asking me I honestly think this type of wall being used in Destiny 2, in regards to enhancement cores, is [u]Lazy Game Design[/u] that extends the grind in a needless way. when knew content drops we all look like cabbage patch kids because we lack the cores to infuse our gear. it is really harsh on newer players. some of you will say that is not the only way. the examples given are 1) [u]Master-weave Cubes [/u]witch I don't have an issue with. they are very scarce and not easy to accumulate aka Not very Farmable. 2) [u]Legendary Drops.[/u] the legendary drops give you a chance at Cores. many of you may not realize it but this is considered a Double RNG Wall in my point of view. not really a great farming method. 3)[u]Curated roll Drops.[/u] They are hard to come by and offer 7 cores if dismantled. again that is not really FARM-able. can you now see how Bounties is a Hinderance as oppose to a fun way of Infusing your Gear? and the other options don't sound soo Enticing. What I am suggesting is to make us [u][b]Capable of Farming Enhancement Cores[/b][/u]. now for some strange coin of a reason some players argue that it would make Enhancement cores [b][u]EASY to Obtain[/u][/b]. I am asking you, the Players, to tell me how is a Bounty that limits how many cores you can obtain within a day/week HARD? If you want a reference to what hard is please take a look at Sekiro/warframe. In those Games hard is determined by how skilled you are at completing a task. in Destiny for some players Hard means Being [u][b]UNABLE TO FARM[/b][/u] a certain Material. In my eyes that is completely Flawed. My suggestion would be to do what a normal Grinding game would do witch is allow us to Farm "Challenging Activities" for the CHANCE at enhancement cores. what I am suggesting Respects both Bungie's time and the player's time. We get to visit old content that would other wise be irrelevant and have a good time while using the Magical world Destiny has Provided for us. For Example. Escalation Protocol, Blindwell, and The Reckoning( of course the raids...chill lol) could be Amazing places to add Enhancement cores to the Loot Pool. if you feel like they are too easy bungie could increase the Difficulty like they do with Strikes. Option one is normal so you could farm for the Gear you are looking for while Hard Mode allows you to farm for the gear and for the chance at Enhancement cores. You may be wondering about the New players. How will they get to infuse their Gear? I would suggest For them to revamp The Lost Sectors. make it so they have a difficulty option like strikes. you can even add more yellow bars too defeat. obviously the Drop rate can be tweaked for the appropriate activities. Bungie could even incentivize Fireteams of 2(Max for lost sectors) for an increased chance of the Drop Rate for Enhancement Cores. [u]Consider this a Step in the right Direction. [/u][b]Does this not sound far more enticing than the limited Bounty Method we have now?[/b] it kills two birds with one stone. the world is used to it fullest while still keeping the players engaged. as it stands now most of us are Holding Cores for next season because we want to by pass that PatienceWall. I am all for the hardcore players and with my Heart of Hearts I would say this would be a change that is more than welcomed. the question is will bungie ever do it? many people voiced their disdain towards the Sonic Movie and The directors decided to Fix it. why can't we stick to our guns and make the change happen here in our beloved world too?

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