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6/18/2019 2:56:28 PM

Error Codes Lettuce and Cabbage

I keep getting these codes (lettuce and cabbage) when I try to do Zero Hour on Heroic I have gotten to multiple points in the game and then when I enter a new space I can no longer see any adds but my companions can. We try'd leaving the area and coming back and that worked but only once did it do so. I have been at this for about 4 hours or so and continue to get the same errors each time. I have reset my game, console, and router multiple times. I have gone into router settings as suggested by the game and then to BNG Help and to the respective articles and then gone into the settings for my router and everything is as it should be. At this point I have no idea what to do. Bungie please help I would like to get this done before reset.
#Help #Errorcodes

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