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6/14/2019 1:52:16 PM

Group 2wo Recruiting for both Xbox and PC (Currently playing on xbox)

With cross save on the horizon we are looking to grow our clan on both Xbox and soon to be PC. We are a group of adult gamers 21+. Currently playing on Xbox One. Core group has been playing since day 1 vanilla destiny. We can get competitive but this is an overall chill and friendly group. We cover just about all areas of the game. [u]PVP[/u] - Crucible, Iron Banner, Gambit, we try and cover it all! [u]Raids[/u]- Weekly Raids, we'll explain and help newcomers. [u]PVE[/u]- Strikes, Daily Missions, Public Events. Basically anything and everything Destiny. We are always recruiting but we are a little picky. We are more concerned about the quality of the group than the quantity. Group 2wo is more than just a clan its a community. Destiny would not have nearly been as fun these last 5 years if it wasn't for the people in it. We know the struggles of solo playing, and LFG with Destiny. We just want to share our great playing experience with others. If this sounds like what you are looking for shoot one of the admins a message for more details. Active discord.

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