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Bearbeitet von WhenNRome: 6/18/2019 10:55:51 PM

Exotic Quest - Truth: Corsair Down Bugged

I'm 100% sure I haven't seen a Corsair Down bounty on my main since I completed that questline at the start of Forsaken. I'm also 100% certain this is a bug because I [b]completed nearly ever Dreaming City bounty for 6 months straight[/b] trying to get the Dreaming City ghost to drop. Zero corsair down bounties dropped during all that playtime on my main, and I know how easily and how often those Corsair Down bounties drop on my alts. It's definitely a bug, and should be put into known issues immediately. Bungie, please fix! :( EDIT (repost of my comment below): I think I figured it out! For people who have this bug, does the "A Small Gift" cat item drop for you every week? It does for me on my main, and like the Corsairs, I finished all the cats way back at the beginning of Forsaken. Is this happening for anyone else?

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