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Bearbeitet von Talia Sendua: 6/10/2019 11:26:03 PM

Bungie, if you want to go the MMO way, we need a item trading system.

And I have a suggestion. Give us a similar trading system like [b]Star Wars the old republic[/b] and [b]The elder scrolls online [/b]have. The trading rules: - Items can only be traded when not equipped ONCE BEFORE TRADING. After they got equipped one time they are bounded to the account of the owner. - Items can only be traded between the users which were part of the activity. - The trading time is limited between 30-minutes and 1h. After that time expires, the items are automatically bounded to the account of the current owner unless they got equipped before. - Trading includes glimmer costs (depending on rarety. Blue: 1000 glimmer, Legendary: 10000 glimmer) - Items which you want to trade need to have the same rarety. - Exotics can't be traded between players. I think with a system like that, trading could actually be a good thing for destiny's future. As example I give you the following example: I played with a team the first encounter of [b]Crown of sorrow[/b]. I really want that assault rifle. One of my team members got it with a good roll. Unfortunately he doesn't like assault rifles and don't play them while I do. He wants my titan gauntlets which I got. We could easily be happy if we could trade those items between each other. And besides that, it would make the communication and behavior in groups more important because noone wants to trade with you if you insult others or are a bad person. I personally want this feature. How about you, folks? Edit: Since alot of people say that it would kill the replayability and grind, yeah maybe, but only if there are no strict limitations. If we take a game like warframe (which has more grind than Destiny ever will) we have limited trades per day which do rise when achieving new mastery levels. While resets per day would be still strong, they could be limited to weekly reset. Let us say, I can trade 1-3 times per week, only with the people of the activity when the item dropped and only if I have something with saame wort (rarety). The trading must also still be done within a certain amount of time before the item gets locked. I don't see how this would ruin anyones day or the game. In fact, it would make even more people happy. If people still disagree after this addition, I think they just like to have people suffer in RNG and want to rub their items others want into their face.

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