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A Discussion of a possible juxtaposition of this canon and geopolitics/economics and interactions with such...

Context: VinnieMac voice "THIS IS GOOD SHYT! THIS IS SO YOOOOO!!!" Lol. Good discussion to be had in the comment section of this vid. Oldie but goodie (classic, one of the best games ever made). It's an analysis of SW as a whole and at least one character in the KOTOR2 story juxtaposed with real life. The alleged false equivalencies/false dichotomies/false H-Dialectic(s) going on of thesis-antithesis-synthesis (or a lack thereof of the last part) with the ShirkyPrinciple (along with the Pareto/Peter/and RandsRazor among others) that the artificial, illegitimate monopoly on credit, arbitration, and defense known as 'the State' eventually leads to in real life. This user, for one, does NOT accept doing bad things for good reasons vs. good things for bad reasons as axiom. TGT has dropped dimes of wisdom in the past that one shouldn't let what one hates or is hated by distract one from doing what they love and that libertarianism means one can be as libertine or traditional as they want, just don't make one pay for it (a la LarrySharp on JRE/TRR) and that one can reject universalism without accepting animosity as a consequential absolute. Also, even AdamFREAKNKokesh, the narcissistic, sociopathic bad ally hypocrite and/or possible controlled opposition to bring back people into the voting process said (rightly) that there CAN and IS a "pragmatic case for being ethical" and it DOESN'T have to be a case of pragmatism vs. principled libertarianism all the time, at least in a paradigm that one may subscribe to where they are mutually exclusive from each other. TGT's father (a wise man) even expounded further on this point that principles were previously thought of as incompatible with profit, but TGT realized some time period ago that "principles = profit". See, the skeptic/commentator/tradth0t gonzo-journos/shills out there don't realize that their statecraft/politics is DOWNstream from culture, as per the AB saying, so WHY continue to make the fatalistic mistake ALL conservative-minded indiviudals make and try to POLITICK CULTURE??? As Kahnt said, a man should see another man as their own end and NOT merely as one man's means to an end. The ends do NOT justify the means, in this user's opinion, and one will think twice before donating (laundering?) money to these (((self-false-flagging cyber cry-bully hypocrite attention-wh0res))) because without being principled, how will a customer (from a business sense) feel comfortable spending money on that person's services or cause if they may align against the customer the next day or the next issue if their skin is threatened??? One may feel more comfortable giving money to a more principled person because they feel they KNOW where that money is going to go and for their protection and REAL news for the truth and liberty movement/(r)evolution, instead of alcohol-fueled, firecracker-lighting, selfie-taking, strange-men-posing, paper-airplane-flying, victim-playing and victim-blaming vacations of virtue-signaling, targeted harassment, terrorism, and cawksucking to the tune of HouseNggr by BoogiDwns Productions with fascist NeoBolshy 'lynskiite (the dude who dedicated a book on achieving power to a negative entity a certain old female political candidate was attacked by these SAME people for being a fan of) leftist (collectivist) para-political agitprop false narrative spinster infiltrators of the 'right' (individualists)!!! But this user believes NO social-engineering is required (namely thru force) and little if any is required at all not thru force. That is a road to statism. BFuller quote: Don't fight the system, render it obsolete. Whether or not one subscribes to the ends justifying the means is irrelevant, or at least it could be, IF there is polycentric systems of law/arbitration, credit, and defense! Fight culture WITH culture and the dominant culture will win out, BUT culture is not one's friend (per TerranceMcKenna) and it's always changing (per ChadranKukathis) Anarchy is inherently antifragile because of the decentralized nature, as opposed to central planning some tyranny-oligarchy-democracy series of Platonian collapses or 'MuH cHeCkS aNd BaLaNcEs' of moral relativist, Rights-positivist 'sOcIaL cOnTrAcTs'. It hinders the psychopath -- psychopathy, of course, not caring who it infects of any particular mutable or immutable characteristic throughout history (read AmartyaSen) -- and hinders -- in turn -- the creation of sociopaths, thusly, decreasing the use of illegitimate force and increasing sustainability from the lack of occurences of 'tragedy-of-the-commons' (desertification) not just of agriculture but the aforementioned credit (quantative easing and welfare-warfare economies for adoption of such a token of belief for deity-creation), arbitration and defense (previosuly listed principles and razors). TL;DR: KOTOR2 was a great game, Eso and everyone else reading should play it and the Essles FP from SWTOR and Coruscanti parcel courier sidequest and then watch this video (CONTAINS SPOILERS) and read some of the comments in the comment section. In AnCapistan there's no IP Law and one cannot use the State to make companies corporations with privilege and enforce idea-owning, therefore making it easier to create ways to end scarcity such as with matter pattern replicators a la ST:TNG ("Tea, EarlGrey, hot.") at the cheapest price (perhaps thru reverse-engineering an alleged nuclear Man(n)a machine in the ArkoftheCovenant, a la AncientAliens?). As long as people live in a world of scarcity, any and all forms of distributism (forced, centrally planned distribution of resources, thinking that's what economics is when it's the study of people and their movement and acquirement of goods/services) DO.NOT.WORK. There is ONLY free trade, ONLY private property, ONLY voluntary association and voluntary disassociation! If one does not own themself, they cannot be stolen from or violated or taken, that's why communism is evl. TL;DR2: Per the video, pathological altruism is a cancer upon the world. Altruism defined as the giving up of one's self and NOT always the same as being charitable. Charity cannot be mandated, it is voluntary, that's why it's charity. It doesn't have to be determinism vs. totally free will, compatibilism can be a thing. Where's the critical thinking anymore??? Oh right, TV and PrussianFrankfurt factoryworker-making monastery-style compulsory edu-indoctrination by the State and organized religion (mommy-and-daddy governmental forms, sometimes wished to be merged by super-statist-minded entities)...The question is posed by some, 'can one live without Gawd?', when one has eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth, and that is that it is NOT in the finding of answers for questions and getting others to believe THOSE answers subscribed to, but the ASKING of the QUESTION and going about not getting screwed up by others asking that same question. The question itself is flawed. For, if Gawd is omnipotent, how can one live without it? The question should be posed, 'can one live without religion or morals or belief in deity from a religious framework or the State or morals from a State framework?' in which case this user answers YES. This user does not believe that one needs the State or religion to not be immoral. Don't focus on being good, just don't be Evl. It doesn't HAVE to be Objective Evl AND Objective Good VERSUS subjective good AND subjective evl. It can be Objective Evl vs. subjective good. The Empire and Republic CONTINUE to dance this dance and fall to each other due to the hypocrisies and human nature of each and logic and reason triumphing and being ignored by willful ignorance over and over. TL;DR3: This user just came to say, everyone seems to have their consequential absolutes and some matter more than others and some people marry correlated things as causal factors when that is simply not the case and one can likewise reject tribalism WITHOUT accepting incompatibility leading to conflict as a consequential absolute. It's really the same, both 'sides'. Old fascist socialists vs. new facsist socialists vs. old communist socialists vs. new communist socialists, all statist, all fake liberals and fake conservatives and fake libertarians and fake anarchists and fake body parts, and fake news, etc., etc.. It's NOT nat'l vs. globalism, it's forcefully subsidized tribalism of 300 million vs. forcefully subsidized super-tribalism of 7 billion and BOTH hate individualism and freedom and truth, which are caught en medias res! The government should neither subsidize PlannedParenthood with Cathlick money NOR subsidize outlawing it cross-continent with atheist money; neither subsidize mass migration for ulterior nefarious motives of genetic-engineering NOR subsidize, thru force, the building of a cross-continental wall and restricting free trade and association and disassociation (why no one talk about emigration with an 'e'? Oh, yeah, underground concentration camp cities and 6people-wide caskets...JadeHelm/Rex84 and deceased border agent's last testimony...smh, WAKE UP PEOPLE, IT'S STRWRS PREQUELS ALL OVER AGAIN!!! OVER AND OVER!!!). Chowder, Stefbot gaifrogz, (and those like 'em) are narcissistic sociopathic clowns and props for the (((State))). [Read the Desiderata and GreatestSpeechEverTold here] Peace, Luv, and Anarchy!

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