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6/7/2019 10:23:00 PM

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Hello my name is Swan and I am currently looking for a US ps4 non-brand new clan to join. I am on destiny alot and i am a decent female player in both pve and pvp. I am a helper and a grinder. 18+. The clan I am looking for are dedicated ones to their members. I have recently left a few clans due to them not helping others or none activities. I am looking for people who are fun and alot of activities...raids..crucible and quests. I need to be able to message the clan for help and they will come and not ignore those in need. I play with all three gaurdians and i am very active. If i dont know how to do something i will learn and learn fast. more importantly i am not a RAGE QUITER. I will keep going at it until i have won and completed my task.

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