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6/6/2019 3:42:56 PM

How do I learn how to do gambit well?

Hey I've just started playing again, I think Gambit mode looks really sweet, hopped in, and felt lost. I got a couple wins and kind of picking it up as I'm going. But since this game has some big love for paring you with randoms, I frequently feel like a lead weight on my team and the subtle hints (Players on team literally punching my character model over and over and making various "I am a kid and also sad" gestures) tell me I'm not doing the right thing at the right time. Does anyone know of a decent guide or something that would point me towards a valid "How to do this" thing I could read through? I attempted to google but random advice, does not mean GOOD advice, so I'd figure I'd ask other players. Thank you in advance.

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