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6/3/2019 3:47:06 AM

Allegiance quests. Drifter or Vanguard?

Sooooo is this ever going to be impactful. The most impact I’ve gotten out of it on my characters so far are snarky remarks from specific NPC’s. I’m not going to lie I thought it would have had an impact on loot you get or different quest lines might drop. Now obviously it might come later on in Destiny 2, but I’m worried it’s just going to be a waste of an actual MMORPG mechanic you get out of other games. Obviously there are these “whispers” in a lost sector right now that you can hear, but I haven’t tried it on my both my Drifter and Vanguard sided characters. I heard it on my Drifter character so it would be cool if that was an Easter egg for people that chose Drifter. Too sum it up though, I really hope they decide to actually make this allegiance quest mean something down the line.

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