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Bearbeitet von moonprincess623: 5/19/2019 5:25:49 AM

Critical, Honestly discussion of Cores and Exotics

So, I made a long topic but it somehow got deleted, so I will try again. make a good point, Bungie, about Infusion and Masterworking needing to matter, but what you are doing isn’t working. Proposal 1: reduce the amount of ECs needed for both. Yes, you gave us more ways to get them, but it still isn’t working. Proposal 2: Bring back MC. That way we have two different items to use. Like in D1, we needed Motes of Light. Proposal 3: Make the ECs ONLY for Masterworking shortcuts. Or, we can, like D1, make us earn each and every ability on the armor/weapon. People are complaining about having to use the cores, so take them away and make us pay for the abilities. Either way, if you keep them, maybe lessening how many we have to use to Masterwork/Infuse. ——- Exotics...the way I understood how you made the game, was that Exotics were supposed to be OP. when Forsaken launched, you promised to not NERF only BUFF. We aren’t seeing that here. But if this is the route that you want to go, despite the outcry of players, then let’s be a bit more...let’s just do it better. WOTW: if you take away the White Nail perk with infinite ammo, you make the gun useless. That infinite ammo perk makes it OP, makes it EXOTIC. Otherwise, what is the difference between it and another Sniper? So, either make it Legendary and put it in the Secondary Slot, OR limit our infinite ammo. Maybe 3 free sets per 3 precision shots? Limit or change, but don’t completely take away White Nail. Sleeper: I can’t really say anything about this because I don’t really use, for me, the nerf is unnecessary if you want me to use other exotic guns. Super Recovering Exotics: we use these because they work better than the other exotics that we have. Honestly, once you nerf these, I don’t see me using any others because most are trash. Useless. So, if you are going to nerf and trash our only useful exotics, PLEASE BUFF the ones you aren’t nerfing. Otherwise, what is the point of having an armor exotic piece if none of them are useful? Also, just a thought you may see floaty around the forms, but I am going to put it as a question that no one is probably going to answer from BUNGIE: what the point of quest exotics that I go through hell for, if what makes them useful, unique, EXOTIC, if you are going to take that away from the gun? I am really curious. What is the point of doing Heroic versions of Quests, or doing the quests period, if the gun becomes useless? What are you saying to use, Bungie?

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