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5/18/2019 3:16:51 PM

Change “Beginner” Category or remove it / Clan Jumpers need to be held accountable

I feel it’s kind of an insult to DEMOTE someone as a beginner “after” inviting someone to a clan. Either they should be placed in a beginner category immediately upon entry or remove the option altogether. Or perhaps by default make invited clan mates into a PLEDGE or PROBATIONARY period before becoming a full member. After seeing people popping into a clan then popping out just days later or a week, even 2, It shows how disrespectful they are and it puts a blight on the clan itself without first being in a clan for a long period of time. As a Clan ADMIN myself, I feel it’s time that members “being added to a clan is a privilege” and not take it for granted. Displaying a popup to all members “blah blah has left the clan” and without saying why, a goodbye, or try to ask for help when needed and just jump at the first sign of seduction from another clan ( ex: yay I raided, thanks - now ill clan hop to you ) is a real d-bag move 👎. Those hoppers should show a notification to the others members that he was barely in the clan when he jumped. Also for members that are not active should be auto thrown into an INACTIVE Category 👇👇 Ex: PLEDGE LEVEL “mr d-bag has left the clan” Days in Clan by level —————————— Pledge/Probation - day 1-30 Full Member - 30+ days Auto demote to INACTIVE BOX if No Activity during a 30 day period and a popup for all to see.. Im sure Clan Admins and Founders would appreciate these changes UPVOTE if you guys think this is also fair! Thanks!

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