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5/17/2019 5:47:42 AM

Stop Giving Bungie Your Money

In their latest TWAB, Bungie have definitively proven that Activision was not the villain at all. Bungie was, is and forever will be the real bad guy. They have not listened to their remaining players in the slightest. They have never fixed their constant disconnecting from their servers. To add to that, how many of you remember when they announced that the servers for D2 were going to be some kind of hybrid style of dedicated and peer-to-peer? That they would be stronger and more reliable? For those that remember, how quickly did Bungie forget that they ever said it and have never once mentioned it again since launch? Where exactly has all the money they've made from this franchise gone? Certainly not back to the gamers, I can tell ya that. So don't give them another dime, people. I'm so glad I didn't buy the Annual Pass in its selling in pieces of a full-game. From what I've heard, there won't even be a Year 3 Expansion but yet another Annual Pass to sell you a full expansion in parts for a fatter bottom line. I'm done. Bungie won't get a cent from me ever again. Sure, I'll play D2 sometimes with friends but beyond killing an hour or two there's just no reason to play this game anymore. You want to force Bungie to listen to you? To us? You have to start talking very loudly with your wallets. And your wallets should be saying to Bungie, "You're not gonna see the inside of me anytime soon." That's how you make them change and listen to you. As long as you give them money then there's no incentive to deviate from the path of never listening to its community. I can even give you a current example of this actually working. For those of you unfamiliar, in the world of professional wrestling, WWE is in extreme panic-mode from the ever-growing threat of AEW. Vince McMahon is not listening to his fans and the fans are buying less tickets to shows and tuning into the weekly shows less and less and less. The shows aren't selling-out and the ratings are in a downward spiral all because the fans started talking with their wallets. It's put Vince and the WWE into a sink-or-swim scenario but McMahon is so full of himself and so stubborn that he refuses to change and start giving the fans more of what they want. Does this sound familiar to you, the Destiny Community? I'd imagine that it does. Like I said, if you want to make them listen and force Bungie into that same sink-or-swim area then you have to them your money. Don't buy Silver. Don't buy the Annual Pass or the next Annual Pass or any further expansions. Tell Bungie, "You want us to support you again? Then start listening to us and maybe we'll come back." Here we have a company that, for whatever reason, thinks that they made a game for themselves. All the changes are about what they want. Newsflash, Bungie, you didn't make the game for you. You made the game for us. Yet you keep telling us how we're supposed to play and what is supposed to be and so on and so forth. Instead, what you should be doing, is expanding upon all of our options to play however we want to. Just as Vince sees his product as something just to entertain himself, you see this game as something meant just to entertain you. And just as the WWE has driven its fans away toward AEW, so will Destiny drive its fans into the waiting arms of games like "DOOM Eternal," "Outer Worlds," and the ever-looming "Borderlands 3." Here's your chance, community. You want change? Force it. Not a dime. Not a cent. Make them listen to IMPROVE the game instead of DEVOLVING the game you want to love. That's the thing, right? We want to love it, don't we? We want it to be fun and have options to play our characters our way in the game we spent our money on. Doesn't feel like that, does it? There's a reason for that. Now's your chance to make Bungie listen or they can go the way of so many backa**wards developers before them. They can join Bioware and "Anthem" in the pit of "We Never Learned."

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