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Bearbeitet von BuckSLAYER2112: 5/17/2019 8:55:41 AM

Why is there bloom for handcannons on console and not PC? Can we be able to use other archetypes other than 180s?

Can Bungie please remove bloom for handcannons on console, if you don’t know what bloom is, if you’ve ever heard of ghost bullets, it’s basically your reticle when rapidly firing not appearing where it actually is, causing you to miss shots you should be hitting, this is purposely put in on console, for what reason? Why is PC free of this? Why can’t console be able to have viable handcannons that aren’t Luna or NF the only handcannons that aren’t really affected by bloom, on PC Luna and NF are not a problem bc bloom isn’t a thing. Can console bloom be removed?

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