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Bearbeitet von BlitzWolf69: 5/15/2019 2:26:38 AM

After About Three Dozen Escalation Protocol Bosses...

I have finally acquired both the Ikelos Sniper and Shotgun. Granted, I know they're not as powerful as they used to be but they're still excellent weapons. And I'm not even kidding about the three dozen bosses. I must have killed the different bosses a collective amount in that area. I got the Sniper to drop two days in a row, Sunday and Monday, this week with the first drop actually dropping as a Masterwork. And I finally got the Shotgun today. Up until Sunday, I had never gotten a single weapon to drop from any boss. Ever. I don't even care about the SMG, honestly. I wanted the Sniper and the Shotgun but the Shotty mostly. Like I said, this came after about 36+ Level 7 completions. Now, I know I hate Bungie and I'm sure Bungie hates me but... C'mon. Nothing beyond that. Just wanted to share my experiences with the drop-rate in this game as I have this feeling I'm a lot worse-off than most of you. Call it a gut feeling but I'm going with it. Thanks, Bungie. Up yours, guys. Up yours... EDIT: Without even looking, because I forgot the Emblem even existed, I managed to damn-near nail my number of completions. I've defeated 32 Escalation Protocol Bosses. It was on my 32nd that I got the Shotgun. Nine attempts today to get it. So it was about on my 20th that I got my first Sniper which was also the first time a gun ever dropped for me. 20 times before your first reward? Seriously? That's just plain garbage. No wonder I stopped doing EP for so long.

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