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5/14/2019 9:55:49 PM

Thank you to all who did account recovs and complained about Luna's howl and especially NF

Finally got my Luna's howl and recluse today from the bonus comp points from reset, I love Luna's, it's a fun gun. However I won't have as much fun with it since it's gonna be getting nerfed soon, thanks to all the recoveries and people complaining. Yeah I got annoyed from being killed from Luna's sometimes, yeah I would rant etc about how comp was a cluster-blam!- but I never asked for a nerf because that gun is a challenge to get, people who went from 0-2100 for it deserve it, especially Not Forgotten. But now way too many people have it thanks to recoveries or people don't wanna get good enough to try and get it. I'm not the best at crucible, but I put a hell of a fight to get Luna's, I deserve it damn well. Thanks guys, I appreciate your -blam!- whining

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