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5/7/2019 8:19:27 PM

Cannot obtain Blacksmith Triumph "A study in Obsidian"

Hey guys, im having a weird problem on my road to obtaining the title Blacksmith. I have a bunch of Obsidian Accelerators i've looted from the Bergusia Forge, in fact i currently have 3 unconverted ones on me (and one converted one), yet i seem to not yet have unlocked the Triumph "A Study in Obsidian", the secret triumph to find an Obsidian Accelerator. I own the item - i don't have the triumph, and it's a necessary one for Blacksmith. Any ideas on what to do? I've used plenty of weapons with the Obsidian Radiance in forges, heck i'm currently using it on my Threat Level to farm those kills in Bergusia...

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