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Bearbeitet von DarthVader1813: 4/29/2019 10:09:30 PM

Dmg, please read

I can’t say I don’t see what you are attempting with the nerf of Lunas and nf, but I think you are going about it the wrong way. My friend enlightened me on the issues and I hope you take the suggestions in stride and help make them come to life. Hand cannons are meant to be used in close quarter combat, -blam!- an up close punch in a reasonable amount of time, like a scout rifle does from a distance. The rpm of lunas and nf are what make it a pinnacle weapon, and I understand magnificent howl was not the most fair perk and it needed a rework, but fixing both makes the gun slower than trust. Maybe Buffing other hand cannons will fix the issue. Second, the other problem is maps. I can’t say I remember the last time a scout rifle killed me, or the last time I killed with a scout rifle. It’s because the close quarter small maps available to the community are optimized for hand cannons, subbies, and sidearms. So of course two pinnacle hand cannons are going to look op on a map designed for them. Bungie has people like olmanmakowski who can snipe like gods and keep up the energy that maps are balanced. There’s no way I can no if you read this if you don’t respond, so I hope maybe you contact me in the future

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