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4/28/2019 11:13:01 AM

Eververse issue

I have just finished my collection for Season 6 Eververse items. I have every ship, sparrow, ornament, ghost shell, and emote. I personally was indifferent with this seasons Eververse items. Personally the only thing that seemed interesting for me was the armor sets and the transmat effects. When (today) I got my last missing ship which completed my collection I looked to see what I was missing. I am missing 2 parts of armor for my guardians, and the Twin snakes effects (My most wanted transmat effect this season.) So in desperation I dropped $30. I was like "Theres no way I cant not get it. I have everything. Its the last item in the pool it has to give it to me!" But alas. to my stupid blind trust. I got 5 dupe exotic sparrows ghost shells and ships, a bunch of dupe legendary ships and sparrows, 1 dupe armor piece, and a handful of dupe shaders. I will admit, I am honestly feeling quite cheated. Instead of Eververse giving me the missing transmat effect that I want and the only one I dont have AND the last 2 parts of seasonal armor I got exclusively dupes. Is there no dupe protection? Why is it bungie says we can only acquire an exotic emote once but not an exotic ship? I FIRMLY believe there should be dupe protection on exotic ships. They offer no benefit to getting them twice. If I wanted all 3 of my guardians to get this specific ship (for some reason), I would just reacquire from collections. You can argue that sure maybe I would want a different roll of perks on my Ghost shell / sparrow. But if I am being 100% honest I would rather be farming for different rolls of the seasonal armor set over the ghost shells and sparrows combined. Can this please be addressed sometime soon? I would love to get a full armor set of USEFUL rolls of these seasonal armor sets before the season is over.

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