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Bearbeitet von CrimsonFrostZ(9S): 4/27/2019 9:51:27 PM

Luna and not forgotten Change Idea And Nerf Explain

my changes for luna and not forgotten


Bungie post nerf


no nerf


I see alot of people saying nerf and not nerf luna and not forgotten and i came here to end this topic. one Those to guns are really good and dominate on the console side but in the other side pc have ace thorn and last word and they are pretty competitive agains lunas and forgotten. But still we need a change and here is the change: 1.FIX console problems, mainly bloom and some extra help for aim control for ace and other non 180rpm handcannons on console 2.nerf luna and not forgotten with this amazing idea that i end getting ,make luna and not forgotten 150rpm or 170 rpm cannons, their damage its going to be slightly buff on their max headshot damage from 58 to 62 or 68 depending on their rpm . 3.Their Perk is too good it needs some changes first change the freaking perk name for not forgotten from magnificent howl from magnificent forgotten,change how much damage multiplier the perk its getting cause is clearly that getting 131 damage on a 180rpm is crazy it should be the next 75-90 damage on pvp depending how what type of rpm the gun ends up being . their damage for pve should stay the same. Finally the end but wait omg i explain how terrible is the idea for the perk from bungie just post: this will be quick 150rpm 68 max headshot damage the perk only going to give damage buff on body shot and pretty much is going to be 68 like a headshot and if you hit 65 or less headshot damage the enemy player that haves 5 or more resilience and full hp is going to need 1 more hit to be kill and it can happen to anyone that use luna and maybe not forgotten but more luna cause of the terrible range that luna haves.

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