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4/26/2019 2:46:30 PM

why even make these great weapons like luna nf ect if you only nerf them bungie

There has been more than enough time since the luna came out for everyone to get it. It takes alot of commitment but its not to difficult, but moving on from that just make the luna only a quickplay quest instead of a nerf just like the redrix. My bet is the same people will not have it because they want things just handed out to them they want to do one strike or quest mission and get it. Here we go again and bungie is accomodating the casual player the people who log on once a week and play for a few hours which is all good you got more stuff to do but that doesnt mean you need to cry and get luna nf nerfed because you dont have the time to get it. Bottom line either make another weapon just as good and put it in some easy quest for these few people or make the luna a quickplay quest. The nerfing has to stop I remember a post from bungie saying a while back they wouldnt be nerfing things LIES. Is it really that difficult to make another weapon just as good? If so alot of us are playing the wrong game.

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