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Haven't played in ages. My two cents on the NF/LH nerfs

I know I'll come back to Destiny one day. I'm just waiting for a big DLC drop or for the little DLCs to accumulate. I started Destiny 1 on Xbox One when it launched. Handcannons were definitely one of the things that made me fall in love with the game. I moved to PC for D2 and then to PS4 when the game wasn't doing well and I ended up having more friends there. When Forsaken came around I was back on PC and OOMG I seriously cannot express how enjoyable Handcannons are when they feel good. They are my favourite thing about Destiny... But I think console players are in a MASSIVE drought of good feeling Handcannons. While I've been away... Friends have moved around and right now I'm certain I'll have more friends to play with on PS4 but I DREAD coming back and being disappointed by Handcannons. I never felt oppressed by LH or NF when I did play. The only times I did was when it was against a full squad using them. I honestly enjoyed running into a player or two using them here and there because it always felt good beating them with my Duke. But that Duke was literally the only Handcannon I could enjoy. That super dope looking Dreaming City Handcannon feels like ass on console for me but on PC it was like work of art. And I know some players will come in and be like "maybe ur just bad. Dreaming City handcannon is great on console". And... Yeah whatever, it could be even better. The other option is that I'm just really bad on PS4 compared to how I was on Xbox back in the day and maybe my experience on PC since then has made me FEEL worse on PS4... But man I swear... Handcannons in D1 were amazing. Handcannons in D2 need love. LH and NF didn't need this big of an adjustment. Other Handcannons just need to be better. I love how we haven't heard from the Crucible team in sooooooo long and when we finally do hear from them it's something nearly no one wanted and totally ignores the real problem. Really fricken lame.

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