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4/26/2019 6:11:27 AM

Fantasy sports thread for this week of 4/26-5/3

Need money, soliciting advice from peepz here on who to slot in for DFS fantasy rosters concerning N B A playoff games, N H L, and M L B regular season games. HOT TAKES on these upcoming match-ups!?: G S - L A C (Clips won't dy, like Mat freak'n Hrdy) T O R - P H I (Plz whack the shyt outta Filthadelphia! Putrid team of punks, esp JEmbully, don't play it off like a coward, commit to it or don't be one, freak'n glorified 14yro!) B O S - M I L (Should be interesting and good, this user has T O R vs. P O R or D E N if they survive S A, which they should in Game 7) S A S - D E N (Again, not a believer in this year's squad of Coach P's) Screwed up a few lineups these past couple months and a couple nights ago and a month ago had a SUPER good chance of winning like 5-20-25-100k, but was one player off of one on one and didn't have the ante to differentiate on some others that were close. Still broke. SO...who yal got as spicy matchups with low-ownership percentages??? Screwed up on last night's freebies and throwaways did; did one for the two-day slate that nailed a couple but pyssed away a couple...didn't/still don't wanna mess with single game entries and 2-day 2-game slates when funds are this tight, really just did that for a bonus credit am getting later in the week. DID, however, win a couple tickets to some high-powered contests upcoming in the next month. Got a N H L finals ticket and N B A championship ticket both worth a decent amount for only a couple cents, lol! Be AMAZING to win 100k off of only .10 cents. How muthafuhkn EPIC would that be!?!?!?! Be a looooong (5 years) time coming of doing this shyt and to win 100k+ off of .20 cents....yuh don't have to be the Yuhng Bux to know that's... Just... Too.... SWEEEEEEET!!!

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