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4/25/2019 10:31:39 PM

Do you Think Bungie's changes to Luna/NF are needed

Yes, the change described in the TWAB is perfect


No, Adjust RPM, but keep Magnificent Howl as is


No, Keep RPM, but Adjust Magnificent Howl


Some other change (Please Explain in Comment)


My opinion is that The Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten nerf is something that absolutely doesn't need to happen. A half decent user with Ace/Blast Furnace/Bygones will beat Luna 7/10 times. These weapons are a reward for triumphing in arguably the WORST game mode in Destiny (Comp, not crucible in general.) If you wanna make them 150 RPM, fine, but don't ruin them in PvE AND PvP by making Magnificent Howl only deal extra body shot damage. That goes against EVERYTHING a Hand Cannon is meant to be. Do you think Luna's/NF need this nerf?

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